Spry Gum

Spry Gum


I really like this gum. I got the 100 pack. Easily portable and at a good price. I am a gum chewer, have been since I quit smoking almost 12 years ago! I gotta have gum!


Pure Seltzer Water! A Soda Alternative for the Soda Lover.


You can have it plain, garnished with lime, lemon, orange slices or berries, or you can have it spiked with 100% Juice.

Healthier than sugar laden soda’s or diet soda’s that contain artificial sweeteners.

Bubbles? OH it has bubbles. Be careful opening up a two liter bottle of this stuff! Open it in the sink and slowly!

I have had this drink alternative for awhile. I have not had Diet Coke in 21 days. If you have to have caffeine then have coffee or tea, but do not go over the recommended 400 mg daily in the Body Revolution plan.

Sure I drink plain water but I enjoy seltzer with lime and sometimes I like putting in half a cup of juice in a large glass and fill the rest up to the rim with seltzer. In fact I am doing it now with some Trader Joe’s Dynamo with calcium 100% juice. Half a cup is 70 calories. Seltzer is zero calories, zero sodium, zero caffeine and zero anything artificial.

I found a good post about Seltzer water, some people think it is bad for the bones or calcium absorption so not true!! Some people think it causes weight gain, no actually it helps make you feel fuller. It helps you to reach that eight glasses a day goal!

Unless you have a problem with bubbles or burping it is harmless.

Here is the post: http://www.sophisticatededge.com/does-carbonated-water-cause-weight-gain.html

Now I enjoy lime La Croix the best, but when my store was out of this, I went to Safeway and got some of their Refreshe Seltzer Water, which was located by the booze. It was on sale! 99 cents a two liter bottle or 1.50 for a six pack of cans. I bought two six packs and seven bottles.

You can put key lime halves in the bottles or in a glass to drink from. You can add some raspberries or some Lemon or orange slices or pieces. Lime or lemon juice works and 100% Juices.

100 Percent Apple Juice with Seltzer! Anyone here remember Apple Slice Soda?

Cranberry, Grape, Orange, Pomegranate, cherry etc. Just make sure it is 100% juice, nothing fake and easy on the calories, that is why I use half a cup. 🙂

Make sure it is Seltzer water, not club soda or tonic.

Try it! You might like it.

P.S. Most Restaurants Can Give soda water to you with lime, If you ask!

Week 1

I started this on 02/27/12. A day after I turned 37.  I started out at 145 pounds. I am 5 feet tall. I hope to be 110 pounds.

The first two weeks you do disc’s 1 & 2 of Phase One and you also do Cardio 1 disc the first four weeks.

Mon & Thursday Disc 1

Tuesday & Friday Disc 2

Wednesday & Saturday Cardio 1 ( I was sick on Saturday so I did not do Cardio twice this week )

Sunday Rest.

I study her cookbook and I decide what meals we will have for the week and I make a shopping list accordingly.

I shop Thursday night and I cook all the foods on Friday. I cook for the whole week and I am refrigerating or freezing foods so that my husband and I can grab and go. I keep the meals pre measured in ziploc or containers for convenience and for freshness.

All meals/snacks are the same for the week. We do not mind eating the same lunches or dinners in a week. It saves money and a week is just long enough so that we do not experience burn out.


I am having Greek Yoghurt with blueberries and raspberries with Quinoa crunch. My husband is having the Blueberry Banana muffins, however since he is allergic to banana’s I substituted no sugar added applesauce.


We both had Chicken breast and red grape salad on spring mix salad. We also used Italian dressing.


My husband had a Greek Yoghurt, I had a green apple with a slice of Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese.


My husband had Steak and Mixed Green Salad, I had Tilapia fish with Mixed Green Salad.

We were still a bit hungry so we added a small amount of Brown rice.

We drank water mostly or 100% juices. I also like to drink La Croix.

I do my shopping at Winco and I try to get all supplies I need in bulk.

I found the real expense was when I had to buy spices and vinegar’s and olive oil. Once that is done the shopping bill has been less and less.

Hello fellow Body Revolution participants

I decided to do my own blog, because the one I was following decided to stop. I however will not stop this journey.

I am on day 12 (03/09/2012) as I start this blog. I will go back to day one via post’s explaining everything I have done and eaten up until now.

My husband and I are doing this program which is the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.  A 90 day program consisting of 15 dvd’s. Weights and a resistance cable are used along with a mat. Food is from her eating guide included in plan however I am using all recipes from her cookbook, Master Your Metabolism.