Day 3 & 4

Well, yesterday I did get up and did Cardio 1 after all. I did not do it again in the PM though. I figure with me walking to work and doing exercises with the residents and walking up and down the stairs etc that was enough exercise.

This morning I did Disc 1 again and I came home and just finished Cardio 1.

I had to have a piece of toast on day 3 cause I felt so bad, and what a difference. Twenty minutes after I ate it I felt so much better. It is a low calorie wheat bread. I really dig that spicy hummus from Trader Joe’s.

I had to go to a lunch outing with Residents today so I am still full. Haven’t had dinner yet. Maybe after my shower I will have something small.

Tomorrow day 5 will start with Disc 2. We are having a 50’s party tomorrow at work. Sure to be a busy day.


Day 2

Wow this kickstart plan is knocking me out. I can’t wait till I can have some bread again man. My morning workouts are fine but the cardio at night is like wiping me out big time. I feel like an 80 year old. I am tired, I am sore, I can’t friggin walk. But I won’t quit, a big hell no to that. I am going to bed and getting up for day three tomorrow. Now day three lists I am to do that cardio twice. That is a negative. I will do disc 1 again and Cardio tomorrow evening. The food is good, I am not starving but my energy level is way down. I am grateful for her pills at this point, at least they are giving me energy. Having myself a potato on Sunday. 🙂

Day One Part Two


JULY 2011

Don’t let that lame attempt at bangs fool you, My face always gains or loses weight. I hated how I looked and felt during this vacation. Even though I did have fun.


JUNE 2012

This is Sean and I on our recent vacation. We had so much fun and I can tell from this picture that we look much better this year than last year. I think we feel better too. I am not going to lie, we ate and drank badly on our vacation but did not do too much damage.

I have decided to do the Body Revolution again because I enjoyed it the first time around and this time I can do the more advanced moves, limit some of the modifications and use heavier weights.

This time I am starting program with jump start menu and workout plan. I did not do this the first time around. Today is day one. I will post the menu I will follow after this post. Today I did Phase 1 disc 1 after breakfast and tonight after dinner I will do Cardio 1.

Another different thing I am doing this time is I am using Jillian’s calorie control pills. I found a good deal on them and found they work. So I am taking these in conjunction with the diet and exercise plan.

I am glad this jump start is only a week because it is going to be rough on me as far as my schedule goes. Double workout’s are going to make me tired boy! I locked in my weight and after a week I will report just what I lost. This is a detox week and I need it. 🙂

Finish Line Day 90


Today is day 90. I completed Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. It took hard work, commitment to get to this point.  I have lost some pounds, inches and gained muscle. I would like to lose ten more pounds and get even more toned so I think that when I get back from vacation I will start this program again. I would like to do the advanced moves with heavier weights the second time around.

These workout’s are not easy, at times I did not even want to get up and work out but I did and I am glad I did and did not give up. I would like to thank my husband for his support and doing this with me and all the people who followed this blog and showed their support along the way.

Wooooooohooooooo! 🙂

Day 88, Two more days to go!

Almost at the finish line. We thought it was today but nope, I have two more days. Just finished a cardio. I really like how my body looks today compared to what it looked like 88 days ago. Ive lost 25 pounds, many inches and gained lots of cool muscles. I can workout with 8-10 lb weights now. I could not do that before. I am proud, I am tired. 🙂

Day 84

Oh my six more days and it will be 90 days? Really? This is the first time that I have did a plan like this for this amount of time. Sure Ive embarked on other diet’s and exercises but I would get tired or bored and quit them after probably a few weeks.
I just finished disc 12 and I am drenched, shaking and tired. Starting out with 3-5 pound weights to finishing with 8-10 pound weights is an accomplishment I am proud of.

I did this for myself. I am proud. I will continue to take care of myself and give myself me time to work out. I am committed to this. Just as I am committed in my marriage, my friendships, job etc.

I have not had the time to post my menu for this week. It is all healthy, I did put more fruit and vegetables in this week’s menu because Ive been missing them. I really love Asian pears. I feel I am prattling on right now I am so drained. It takes a lot of will power to come home after a hard day at work and suit up to work out. On days I do not want to even work out, I do anyway. I make myself and when it is over I am glad I made myself. 🙂

Day 80, 81, 82

I am confused on what the hell I did do! Ive been so busy. Yesterday I worked and it was my rest day but today I did Cardio 1 instead of 3.

Tomorrow I will do 11 again. I will also be making my food for Menu 13.

I am adding more fruits and vegetables this week and drinking tea instead of coffee and stepping it up more because I want to lose a bit more before vacation in two weeks.

I will keep going as I have been until I reach my weight goal. Then I will still exercise and cook my own  meals but try to maintain the weight. I like using my fitness pal. I feel it helps me not to overeat or make bad food choices.

Overall I am really happy that I did BR. I might even do it again or sell it on Ebay for someone else to use. Ive taken care of everything in package. I want to get her kickbox dvd soon. I will post menu tomorrow. 🙂

Day 77, 78, 79

I did disc 11 on 77 and 12 on 78 and I just finished Cardio 1 on day 79. I know it should be Cardio 3 but I don’t like it and it makes a lot of racket and I live upstairs. Some movement is better than no movement right? My shorts fell off during running man’s and I have been strutting around half naked lately because I like how I look and even Mr. Adams likes how I look. He said I had a pretty butt! What? Ive never heard such a compliment and you know what it is a sweet compliment that I will take anytime!

Tomorrow is day 80! Ten more days on this program. I am glad I did this program. No regrets. I will continue to cook my meals in a healthy way and do regular exercise. This has been hard. How could someone do such hard work just to piss it away and have to start over again? Hell I ain’t getting any younger. No way not this Kat! I am going on a vacation soon and I am sure that in those four days I will not exercise much and I am sure I will eat and drink all that is bad, but you can be damn sure the day I am back I am exercising and getting back on track. I will probably gain five pounds but I will lose it.

I promise myself I will! 🙂

Day 76, 75, 74, 73 Update

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers to human and mammal babies! I am a dog mama myself. It has been a busy couple of days, that is why I have not blogged! Much going on at work and in my personal life. All good but hectic.

Sean is sick today, I hope I do not catch it. Later he is taking me to a Lindsey Buckingham concert. Should be fun.  So today is day 76 and I did Cardio 1. I just do not like the other cardios. Oh well.

Day 75: I went to work and exercised with the residents. I was busy walking all day at work and using the stairs. I had a movie event and stuff so that was my exercise. I was also feeling poor. It was hot yesterday. My dumb ass put hot pepper cream on my stomach and thighs and it burned for 14 hours ha ha. I also had to go grocery shopping for this week’s menu which I will post shortly after this blog. Sean and I came home and just vegged out to some movies. Needed that after a day like today.

Day 74 was Friday and it was another busy day at work. I decided this was my rest day so I only worked out with Residents. I had to run errands after work so there was just no time to fit a Jilly in. I weighed myself and was quite happy that yesterday’s Old Spaghetti Factory trip did not mess me up.
Day 73: Busy day at work, lunch outing to Old Spaghetti Factory and you can’t really get anything real low in calories there. I had a salad and whole wheat spaghetti with mushroom sauce. I did have a piece of bread because I am an Oakie and I have to sop up the sauce on my plate with something ha ha! I came home and did disc 11.

Day 72

I just did disc 12 for the first time. Wow! I was drenched. I liked it all except for that damn back bend move, I can’t do it. I had to do something else. Same with cannonballs, I do jumping jacks. Except for those two I liked the workout and did well with it. Used the 3, 5, and 8 pound weights as well as the cable.

Tomorrow is Cardio 3, my least favorite cardio. Oh well.