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Day One Part Two


JULY 2011

Don’t let that lame attempt at bangs fool you, My face always gains or loses weight. I hated how I looked and felt during this vacation. Even though I did have fun.


JUNE 2012

This is Sean and I on our recent vacation. We had so much fun and I can tell from this picture that we look much better this year than last year. I think we feel better too. I am not going to lie, we ate and drank badly on our vacation but did not do too much damage.

I have decided to do the Body Revolution again because I enjoyed it the first time around and this time I can do the more advanced moves, limit some of the modifications and use heavier weights.

This time I am starting program with jump start menu and workout plan. I did not do this the first time around. Today is day one. I will post the menu I will follow after this post. Today I did Phase 1 disc 1 after breakfast and tonight after dinner I will do Cardio 1.

Another different thing I am doing this time is I am using Jillian’s calorie control pills. I found a good deal on them and found they work. So I am taking these in conjunction with the diet and exercise plan.

I am glad this jump start is only a week because it is going to be rough on me as far as my schedule goes. Double workout’s are going to make me tired boy! I locked in my weight and after a week I will report just what I lost. This is a detox week and I need it. šŸ™‚


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I am a hard working woman with a hard working husband and we want to get sexy again together. I love to read, watch movies, reality tv and cook.

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