Day 3 & 4

Well, yesterday I did get up and did Cardio 1 after all. I did not do it again in the PM though. I figure with me walking to work and doing exercises with the residents and walking up and down the stairs etc that was enough exercise.

This morning I did Disc 1 again and I came home and just finished Cardio 1.

I had to have a piece of toast on day 3 cause I felt so bad, and what a difference. Twenty minutes after I ate it I felt so much better. It is a low calorie wheat bread. I really dig that spicy hummus from Trader Joe’s.

I had to go to a lunch outing with Residents today so I am still full. Haven’t had dinner yet. Maybe after my shower I will have something small.

Tomorrow day 5 will start with Disc 2. We are having a 50’s party tomorrow at work. Sure to be a busy day.


Day 2

Wow this kickstart plan is knocking me out. I can’t wait till I can have some bread again man. My morning workouts are fine but the cardio at night is like wiping me out big time. I feel like an 80 year old. I am tired, I am sore, I can’t friggin walk. But I won’t quit, a big hell no to that. I am going to bed and getting up for day three tomorrow. Now day three lists I am to do that cardio twice. That is a negative. I will do disc 1 again and Cardio tomorrow evening. The food is good, I am not starving but my energy level is way down. I am grateful for her pills at this point, at least they are giving me energy. Having myself a potato on Sunday. πŸ™‚

Week 1 Menu

7 Day Kick Start Menu Plan


( Two Jillian Michaels Calorie Control Pills )

I will have two eggs ( made in sandwich maker and olive oil cooking spray ) two pieces of turkey bacon, 1/4 avocado and 3 grape tomatoes. I bought the really expensive cage free eggs with the Omega 3 and Vitamin E and they taste pretty damn good. I also had some multivites gummy vitamins.


( Personal Modification )

Jillian’s program does not call for a morning snack, however with my schedule and how I feel I am allowing myself one and it isΒ  Green Iced Tea with 1 tablespoon Honey and 1/4 cup of raw whole almonds.


( Two Calorie Control Pills )

Vegetable Soup with Poached Chicken Breast, you will find this recipe in her BR kick start booklet. I will have my seltzer water ( La Croix )


You are allowed an afternoon snack. I will be having the carrots and peppers with hummus. I love to cook but I hate making hummus so I got the spicy hummus from Trader Joe’s.


( Two Calorie Control Pills )

I will have either the Steak and Salad or Tilapia and Salad dinner menu options in her kick start booklet.


I will be having 8 glasses of water either plain or no sodium seltzer and you are allowed to have 400 mg caffeine and I will get this with the Jasmine Green Tea with 1 tablespoon honey ( 60 calories )


( MFP )

I use this on my phone everyday. It provides a better understanding to the 1200 calories a day plan which is the average suggestion for female weight loss.

These are my stats for the day:

1200 Calorie Goal

1487 Total Food Calories I consumed today

600 Calories Burned ( DISC 1 and Cardio 1 workouts )

887 Net Food Calories ( After Burned Calories )

313 Remaining Calories

I stayed under the calorie goal of 1200 and I am not falling into starvation mode. MFP will let you know if you are not eating enough. In the event of this or if I am feeling hungry I will have some almonds. This is why I am allowing myself a morning snack. Falling under your goal of 1200 will give you weight loss. πŸ™‚

This kick start is only for a week because it is intense. It is high protein and fiber. It also gives you good fats and good cholesterol foods. Options are limited this week so try to do the best you can. Hopefully you are not too picky.

Day One Part Two


JULY 2011

Don’t let that lame attempt at bangs fool you, My face always gains or loses weight. I hated how I looked and felt during this vacation. Even though I did have fun.


JUNE 2012

This is Sean and I on our recent vacation. We had so much fun and I can tell from this picture that we look much better this year than last year. I think we feel better too. I am not going to lie, we ate and drank badly on our vacation but did not do too much damage.

I have decided to do the Body Revolution again because I enjoyed it the first time around and this time I can do the more advanced moves, limit some of the modifications and use heavier weights.

This time I am starting program with jump start menu and workout plan. I did not do this the first time around. Today is day one. I will post the menu I will follow after this post. Today I did Phase 1 disc 1 after breakfast and tonight after dinner I will do Cardio 1.

Another different thing I am doing this time is I am using Jillian’s calorie control pills. I found a good deal on them and found they work. So I am taking these in conjunction with the diet and exercise plan.

I am glad this jump start is only a week because it is going to be rough on me as far as my schedule goes. Double workout’s are going to make me tired boy! I locked in my weight and after a week I will report just what I lost. This is a detox week and I need it. πŸ™‚