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Day 80, 81, 82

I am confused on what the hell I did do! Ive been so busy. Yesterday I worked and it was my rest day but today I did Cardio 1 instead of 3.

Tomorrow I will do 11 again. I will also be making my food for Menu 13.

I am adding more fruits and vegetables this week and drinking tea instead of coffee and stepping it up more because I want to lose a bit more before vacation in two weeks.

I will keep going as I have been until I reach my weight goal. Then I will still exercise and cook my own  meals but try to maintain the weight. I like using my fitness pal. I feel it helps me not to overeat or make bad food choices.

Overall I am really happy that I did BR. I might even do it again or sell it on Ebay for someone else to use. Ive taken care of everything in package. I want to get her kickbox dvd soon. I will post menu tomorrow. 🙂


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I am a hard working woman with a hard working husband and we want to get sexy again together. I love to read, watch movies, reality tv and cook.

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