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Week 12 Menu


Sean and I will both have the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins from Jillian’s Cookbook MYM. I will put Walnuts in mine and leave them out in his. He has two and I have one.


I will have Turkey Mac Skillet with Black Beans and Sean will have Home-style Turkey and Potato bake. Both recipes are from The 300 Calorie Cookbook from Betty Crocker.


I will have Honey Glazed Chicken Breasts with Brown Rice and Sean will have Home Style Chicken Dinner. Both recipes are from The 300 Calorie Cookbook from Betty Crocker.


I will have rice pudding from Jillian’s Cookbook MYM and Sean will have Greek Yoghurt or Wheat Crackers etc.


I will make another batch of Healthy chocolate chip cookies.

Recipe Modifications:

I will use Honey instead of sugar and Whole Wheat flour with baking soda/powder instead of Bisquick mix. I will use ground turkey instead of sliced Turkey for Turkey and Potato lunch. Whole wheat grains, sea salt. etc.

Sunday Dinner:

I like to have dinner with my husband once a week. Tonight we will have Cajun pork chops with Annie’s Shells and Cheese with a mixed green salad tossed with homemade olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Then off to the concert!!! 🙂


About kimberlyhoneykat

I am a hard working woman with a hard working husband and we want to get sexy again together. I love to read, watch movies, reality tv and cook.

2 responses to “Week 12 Menu

  1. ctminnesota ⋅

    Yummmmmmmmmmm!! Which is your favorite cookbook? Is the Jillian MYM worth the $$? How ingredient intensive is it? I find that so many of her recipes in the BR cookbook require gobs of ingredients and food prep; neither of which are appealing for weekday cooking for a family… Thanks for your insight!

    • I really like her cookbook but not all the recipes but a majority of them. I like the Betty Crocker one and the cooking light ones. I got her cookbook for free. I think that at first the ingredients are overwhelming but once you get your spices and main staples in the house it really is not that bad to go in and whip up what you need to. I look at the books and and decide what I am going to have, then I make my shopping list according to what I do need and go from there. It is easy and has been a method that has worked for me for 12 weeks.

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