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Day 76, 75, 74, 73 Update

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers to human and mammal babies! I am a dog mama myself. It has been a busy couple of days, that is why I have not blogged! Much going on at work and in my personal life. All good but hectic.

Sean is sick today, I hope I do not catch it. Later he is taking me to a Lindsey Buckingham concert. Should be fun.  So today is day 76 and I did Cardio 1. I just do not like the other cardios. Oh well.

Day 75: I went to work and exercised with the residents. I was busy walking all day at work and using the stairs. I had a movie event and stuff so that was my exercise. I was also feeling poor. It was hot yesterday. My dumb ass put hot pepper cream on my stomach and thighs and it burned for 14 hours ha ha. I also had to go grocery shopping for this week’s menu which I will post shortly after this blog. Sean and I came home and just vegged out to some movies. Needed that after a day like today.

Day 74 was Friday and it was another busy day at work. I decided this was my rest day so I only worked out with Residents. I had to run errands after work so there was just no time to fit a Jilly in. I weighed myself and was quite happy that yesterday’s Old Spaghetti Factory trip did not mess me up.
Day 73: Busy day at work, lunch outing to Old Spaghetti Factory and you can’t really get anything real low in calories there. I had a salad and whole wheat spaghetti with mushroom sauce. I did have a piece of bread because I am an Oakie and I have to sop up the sauce on my plate with something ha ha! I came home and did disc 11.


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I am a hard working woman with a hard working husband and we want to get sexy again together. I love to read, watch movies, reality tv and cook.

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