Day 63 & 64


Yesterday was day 63 and it was technically rest day but I decided to do Cardio one. Today is day 64 and I am off today so I decided to do a double whammy that consisted of Workout 1 of 30 day shread and disc 9 of Phase 3 of Body Revolution. It feels good to workout and I do look forward to it more now than I used to but it is hard. I think getting back in shape is one of the hardest things I have ever done in the last 12 years. It is so hard that there is no way I will pork out again because I never want to get back into shape again. I want to stay in shape and maintain! Tomorrow day 65 disc 10. I feel like getting up early tomorrow and doing her Yoga DVD but wrestling is on till 11:00. If I can get out of bed at 5:30 I will. We shall see.


Day 62


A 1962 Film

I got up and put my Parmesan chicken in the oven and I started my workout which was Cardio 3. That one wears me out, makes much noise and makes me sweat the most! I am going to try out a cleansing conditioner shortly and if I love it I will rave about it here. I got my hair reshaped yesterday, a long four month overdue haircut! Trying to do what I can to look good for my trip back east at the end of next month. Tomorrow is rest day and I am sure glad it is!

Later I am going to get an iced coffee, go to Trader Joe’s for more juice and Safeway for more seltzer water and I need to go to Ross and see if I can find a few clothing items. I think tomorrow we will be home bound doing our relax thing!

Week 10 Menu


I will be having the rest of my Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins from last week and when those are done I will have some Trader Joe’s Hot Multigrain cereal.

I am making Sean, bacon cheddar corn muffins for his breakfast.


I am making Sean a Parmesan Chicken soup with broccoli and brown rice. I will be having a Cajun Pork Chop with Black beans and rice.


I am making Sean a Beef Burgundy stew with carrots and potatoes. He does not like onion or mushrooms. I will be having Tilapia with green beans and some Annie’s shells and cheese.


Sean will have Greek Yoghurt and I will have the trail mix from Jillian’s cookbook. I am also making brownies from her cookbook and my healthy chocolate chip cookies.

Day 60 & 61


Yesterday was day 60 and though it started as a good day, it would not finish that way. I have a co-worker from hell and her disgruntled actions manged to trickle down into my cozy life and it saddened me greatly. I did not work out. So I woke up on day 61 and did a double whammy workout consisting of both disc 9 and 10. I will do Cardio 3 tomorrow as scheduled. 🙂

I will be doing my cooking today as usual, but this will change next week since my days off have once again changed to Sunday and Monday. I will do my shopping Saturday night and cooking on Sunday. I will post my menu for week 10 shortly.

Day 59


Wow Cardio 3 is all over the place! I had a good sweat going on with this one. I can do it alright, it is hard to do cannonballs. I can only tap my knees. Maybe because I am so short, I am afraid I am going to bust my ass! 🙂

Tomorrow I have an outing with the resident’s to Red Lobster. I used to choose what to eat and stay within my daily restrictions. I really like that site and the phone app. It helps out a lot. I am so glad I did this program and changed the way I eat. I has worked for me.

Day 58


A 1958 Film

Wow, disc 10. Lot’s of jumping. Lot’s of jumping with weights! I am sure by the time the two weeks are up I will have mastered this one. I did not do too bad the first time around. I felt the burn, the heat and I dripped sweat. Wow! Glad that is over. I wonder what Cardio 3 has in store for me tomorrow. I am actually scared. 🙂

Day 55, 56, 57


Day 57

Today I started Phase 3 with disc 9. This one was a bit hard but I did pretty good. I had to modify a bit but I am sure by next week I will have some of the moves down. Broke a sweat for sure. I liked it. I am sure it will grow on me. It is the technique I have to master on a few moves.


Day 56

This was rest day. I went to work and did some kickball with the residents and when I came home I did a few songs on the dance pad and some Wii bowling with Sean. Other than that it was a day of rest. I really like this week’s menu.


Day 55

I got up and ate my delicious Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin and did Cardio 2 for the last time. Working out six days in a row is really a killer on the last day but I made it through. Went and saw Cabin In The Woods for the second time and did some dance pad and bowling. Pretty fun day.

Day 54 ~ Week 9 Menu

ImageMy life is a party and why should it not be? I can eat my healthy cake and eat it too! If it isn’t a lifestyle change by now in week 9 it never will be. If you are saying oh I can’t wait till this is over well then you might have to fight this battle again. Not I, I will be Conan to my body fat and destroy it all!!!!

I am not going back to the past and eating garbage and I will not tip the scales at the weight I used to ever again, not if I can help it. I like becoming fit and getting my shape back. I feel sexy and healthy and overall very good like I want to disco dance and shake my ass around.

Best part? I am eating!!! I am eating good tasting delicious food! It is not bland or yucky pre-packaged shakes and meals. It isn’t an arm and a leg to obtain. Initially when you are getting staples and spices it might be costly but once those are are in your arsenal then you are only paying the occasional maintenance fee of keeping those items in stock. At least that is where I am at.

Here I am at day 54 and after this blog I am going to work out for the last time in this 90 day sequence to Disc 8. I start 9 and 10 and Cardio 3 on Monday, Phase 3!!! Then I am going to cook my meals for week 9 which I do every Friday. That is another thing, you have to take time out to make your food. I do not want to do it everyday so I cook in abundance and I package them and they are either refrigerated or frozen, taken down to thaw when I need it so my husband and I can grab and go.

ImageWeek 9 Menu


Sean will have the Choc Chip Muffins and I will have the Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins from Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism Cookbook. He will have two, I will only have one. His calories are a bit more because he is a hunky man. 🙂

I will also be having my healthier iced mocha coffee every morning too! 100 calories.


Sean will be having the Spicy Turkey and Black Bean Bake that I had last week. This recipe is from a Cooking Light Cookbook. It is really good!

I will be having the Rosemary Chicken Legs with Red Potato, Peppers and Onions. I will have two chicken legs. This Recipe is a Cooking Light Recipe.


Sean will still have his Greek Yoghurt and I will have the Apple Walnut Crisp dessert from Jillian’s cookbook MYM.


Sean will have the Rosemary Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots. He does not like peppers or onions. He will have three legs of Chicken.

I will be having two small tostada’s with black bean refried beans, spanish brown rice and Cajun lime shrimp on top. This is my own recipe I have been working on. It is 425 calories total, 30 grams of Protein and 7.5 grams of fat.


I will be making another batch of my Healthy Chocolate Chip cookies! Recipe in the Recipe section of this blog, it is an older post.

I will be hitting 1200 calories exactly if I work out, which I will. If I do not work out it is more like 1459 calories so you must work out in order to eat and enjoy all your meals. 🙂

Day 53

ImageA 1953 Film

So it is day 53 and I just finished disc 7 for the last time in this 90 day plan. I was going to do the workout this morning but I just could not get it together so I did it at night like I usually do. I decided to do some of my cooking for week 9 tonight.

I had two batches of Rosemary chicken legs to do. One for my husband and one for myself. His has potatoes and carrots and mine has potatoes, onions and peppers. I got the recipe from one of the Cooking Light books I got a few weeks ago.

It smells pretty good. I will cook the rest tomorrow and blog the menu sometime tomorrow as well. So glad I can sit back and relax now! Long week! 🙂

Day 52


What a busy day! I am getting ready to do my workout Cardio 2.  I had to do my shopping trip tonight instead of tomorrow and fell into a time crunch so I had to eat out, so after much deliberation and limited choices I went to Del Taco and got two crispy shrimp taco’s without the Baja sauce. Good choice because that sauce saved me almost two hundred calories.

I still met my daily goal ( I use )

After the workout I will shower, slab on some self tanner and hop into bed and read a few chapters of The Shining before sleep. Turning in early tonight because I want to do a morning workout tomorrow (  Disc 7~Day 53 ).

It’s my Friday and the last thing I wanna do on my Friday night is workout cause

I have to catch up on all my shows on demand.

Day 54 will find me up early for Disc 8 and after that I will do all my cooking for week 9 and I am going to clean my double recliner couch! It needs it! 🙂