Spry Gum

Spry Gum


I really like this gum. I got the 100 pack. Easily portable and at a good price. I am a gum chewer, have been since I quit smoking almost 12 years ago! I gotta have gum!


Day 34

The best part of doing Cardio 2 workout this morning is that I did it side by side with my husband. I really liked that!. Cardio 1 had running so to do that together would not have worked but we can do Cardio 2 together and I just thought that was really neat today. I am in a good mood. We are about to go out into the windy weird weather to shop for a few things. I need more seltzer water from Safeway and I need more Glee Gum from Elliot’s Natural foods.

Tomorrow is rest day! I still have to go to work and do chair exercises with my senior’s but it is a pretty mellow day so that is good.

Menu For Week 6

The following meals I have prepared today in my home and all of them except:( Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies and TBLT Sandwiches), can be found in Jillian Michaels The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook. Any modifications are noted. You can find the Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe on this site, Scroll down to Categories and click on recipes.


For my husband I made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

I made Pumpkin Walnut muffins because I could not find cranberries. They turned out pretty good.


I made the Black Bean Chili for my husband. He does not like peppers or onions, I omitted those. I also added some Vegan Chicken strips that we had in the freezer to add more protein to his dish and to get rid of them!

I am having a TBLT sandwich on whole grain bread with Dijon mustard. 3 slices Turkey Bacon, Spring Mix Lettuce and 2 Tomato slices. I will have an apple with it. No Cheese!


My husband has the Greek Yogurt

I will have a small cup of Rice Pudding


My husband will have the Chicken Stir Fry with Asparagus and brown rice.

I will have the Roasted Tomato and Black Bean soup.


I made another batch of Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Orange cake without the walnuts and without the yogurt topping.

We also enjoy one cup of any 100% juice with Seltzer water on occasion and Beanitos chips or kettle chips.

We have been craving Pizza so we are going to get a Delite cheese pizza from Papa Murphy’s tomorrow and have it with salad as a special dinner. If you are going to reward yourself make it as healthy as you can!

Until next week! 🙂

Day 32 And Day 33

Day 32 was a pretty good day until the end when my head hurt so bad I could not do my disc 5 workout 🙂 However I made up for that just a few minutes ago on day 33 when I did Disc 5 until the cool down which I did not do because I jumped right into disc 6 and completed that workout with cool down. I do not do cool down on 5 for I fear it would make me too lazy to do 6.

I just do not want to miss a workout or be out of synch where I am supposed to be at. I got on the scale yesterday and I am continuing to lose ounces every day and of course that leads to pounds!

I had to do a lunch outing with the residents and they wanted to go to Lucille’s BBQ and there really was no healthy choices. I had a stuffed baked potato with onions and bbq pulled chicken but I had no cheese or extra sauce or butter or icky sour cream ( I hate sour cream ) It came with a salad and I picked Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. I got on the scale today and I am still at same weight so I am glad I did not screw that up!

So today is Day 33 and I finished my workouts and I am about to cook for week 6 and I will post that menu up shortly.

It will be a very productive day!

Day 31

This morning I took my measurements again. I am happy to report that I have lost 12 pounds and 13.5 inches off of my body in one month. I am proud of my efforts that made this loss possible!!

You really have to do the workouts and the food plan/cookbook recipes. I believe they both work together well. I go on threads and I see people fork over the money for this program which is not cheap and they decided to just do workouts and do their own food plan. I don’t know how many times I tried such a genius move ( insert sarcasm and rolly eyes) Just my opinion though. Perhaps that works for some people but not for me. You have to eat right and exercise, you can’t have one without the other.

Today I did Cardio 2! Whew!

I love the Cardio but man I feel it. I hate burpees but I did them. I am glad these are fun and the people are fun in the workouts.

Time for a shower and to make my shopping list for Week 6. I will head off to bed with my trusty MYM cookbook, my notepad and then perhaps I can polish off another chapter or 2 of Kitty’s Big Trouble on my Kindle. 🙂

Day 30

Today I did disc 6. This is my favorite one so far. I am familiar with many of the moves already. I started using an 8 pound weight in some moves as well. She tells you to get heavy, medium and light so for me that is 8, 5, and 3 pound weights.

The only thing I could not do is the Superman’s with weights. I tried the 3 pounds and I could not lift arms up with them. I will keep trying but today I just could not get them up.

She work’s the abs more! Both sides of my rear hurt and my abs today for sure!

Tomorrow is Cardio 2. I am really curious what she has in store for me. I liked Cardio 1 so we shall see.

I am proud of the 4 pack that is beginning to bud on my body!!!

Day 29: Phase 2: Disc 5

Wow!!! A much more intense workout completed! I saw things emerging from my thighs that I have not seen in years! It get’s me that much more excited to keep moving forward in this program! You use the cable more in this one and I like that! I was beginning to think that cable was just a thing to make the package more handsome looking but you do use it more now.

Crab walks with a leg lifted in this one!

Also it runs 37 minutes. Jillian is sneaky like this I have noticed in other workouts. She will say it is 30 minutes but it is more. I guess if you took away warm up and cool down it would be 30 minutes. I am not really complaining, I just think it is funny. I think after the 30 minute mark she figures you can take a bit more. I suppose she is right.

Tomorrow is day 30 and Disc 6!!

Wednesday is Cardio 2!!

For the next two weeks the schedule is:

Monday & Thursday- Disc 5

Tuesday & Friday- Disc 6

Wednesday & Saturday- Cardio 2

Sunday’s is Rest Day 🙂

P.S. Love the Black Bean Chili!!!! I chopped up one Chipotle chili in adobo sauce for this Chili and it gives it spicy heat! Wooo hoooo! I dig it but if you don’t omit it!

In case you didn’t know and I didn’t the Chipotle chili’s and coconut milk are located by the Refried beans and other Mexican food isle. 🙂

Day 28

Today is rest day before I start Phase 2 tomorrow!! Disc 5 & 6 & Cardio 2. I wonder what Jillian has in store for me and my husband this month? We will soon find out.

I have to take my measurements again because I am pretty sure Ive lost more inches than pounds. I did that last time I sought to lose weight. I am pretty happy that I lost ten pounds so far and clothes are getting too big! I feel more toned, I look more toned. I am not a big gal, I have pudge, trying to get rid of that. I don’t expect to lose any more than 30 pounds. We shall see.

Ive done pretty good. I will get an iced coffee once a week but not everyday. I make the cookies more for my husband who needs a few more calories than me. I do have a few in the week. I stuffed 1400 plastic Easter Eggs with candy this past week and I stayed away from it. My office is so small it reeks so much of chocolate it is sickening!

I walk almost a mile to work four days a week unless it rains, I do a half hour of chair exercise with the residents 4-5 times a week. I use the stairs and I even do some Dance Dance Revolution when time permits.

I think this past month I have done well. I have done better than I did in January that is for sure! I feel good and healthy and overall I am happy with my performance and my individual results.

I have not had any diet or regular soda in 28 days. I have had no fast food or alcohol. I am a gum chewer but I found some that is not sugarless. www.gleegum.com